Fun with a new knee—the sequel

August 15, 2011 14:48 | Categories:

When I had the left knee replaced I was hoping for a year or two before doing the same to the right knee. (Remember, the doctor’s “when” not “if” applied to both knees.) Well that was not to be. I did get back to playing golf again, but not for long. I managed to injure or aggravate the right knee making a shot into the 9th green. (Missed the green as well.) That was in July. The knee did not get better, so I am having it replaced tomorrow.

The left knee did recover well. I did make it to reunion as planned. Also got back onto the golf course for at least a little while. I hope to get as good a recovery as before. Strangely I have almost the same timetable on this recovery. I want to go East to visit my Father and sister in November!