Fun with a new knee

March 25, 2011 14:34 | Categories:

I had not been playing much golf lately. Too much trouble with my left knee. Flash back eight months. I was having knee trouble then, too. I found I had cartilage tears on both knees. So I had arthroscopic surgeries to repair them. At the time the doctor said that it was a question of “when”, not “if” I would have the knees replaced.

Aside: when I went to my doctor for a pre-surgery checkup I found I had a inguinal hernia to be repaired as well. So I guess I got three surgeries for just one checkup

Anyway, the left knee—repaired in September—did not last long. It swelled up like a balloon in November, but I was able to blame that on a trip I took back East. The doctor aspirated the knee and things were fine for another month. This time I figured I should schedule the replacement. It didn’t do any good. In another month the knee has swollen again. Guess it wanted to be sure I went through with the replacement.

The new knee went in February 25. Recovery has progressed well, but don’t let anyone tell you that knee replacement is “inconvenient” at first. It is hell, but it does get better. Recovery is three months. So I will be in good shape for my 45th college reunion. I should be back playing golf in June. Only six months lost there.