The Knees, current status

April 02, 2012 13:27 | Categories:

Just thought I should update everyone on my knees. I am out of therapy and back to a more or less normal life. The left knee is fine (although it bends less than it once-upon-a-time did.)

The right knee started out progressing better than the left, but things are never so easy. It reached plateau, and I went through the straightening splint exercise with it as I did with the right. I spent a bit more time in outpatient therapy than with the left. The knee remains swollen and sore still.

I do realize that at this point comparison to the left knee recovery is not fair. At this point in my left knee recovery I was heavily engaged in right knee work, so really did not put any undue stress on the left. Now, I am playing golf and walking and carrying 18 holes at least twice a week. Maybe that is overdoing it a little bit.

Progress keeps being made, so I guess I am not worried. Just have to be a little careful. The knee is mostly good, so sometimes I forget and make it do things it cannot yet do. It does remind me when I make that mistake!