We join the solar initiative

July 29, 2013 13:48 | Categories:

The timing seemed right. We had some extra cash and roof top solar seems to have come of age. There is still a rebate for Southern California Edison customers who generate their own power and the Federal tax credit will be in place a few more years.


We selected Nexgen Construction Services to do the project. They started last Thursday and today we have panels on the roof. There is still some work to go—we are upgrading our electrical service panel as part of the process. That wll happen next week. Then we can connect the solar to our service and begin our savings.

We have seventeen SolarWorld panels with Enphase micro inverters feeding our service. This should keep our Grid energy use safely in the second tier pricing band. We did place the panels in a less than optimum location—mostly West facing. South would have been prefered, but Susan did not want to see the panels from the front of the house.