Christmas Montage [News]

December 12, 2008 19:46

Our Christmas cards have gone out, so I can preview this year's image montage.

A visit from some friends from the UK [News]

December 06, 2008 22:46

Just before we went to Maryland for Mom's 90th, some friends we knew when we lived in England came for a visit. Susan knew Carol from her knitting guild. I knew Alan since he was my Gliding instructor. But Alan did not know Carol while were living in England. They met later. Small world?

90th Birthday [News]

December 06, 2008 22:44

We went back to Maryland at the end of October for my mother's 90th birthday. Most of the family was there, including our children.

Orange County Fair—2008 [News]

December 06, 2008 21:40

We went to the Fair this year as we do every year. This time both Susan and I had pictures accepted for the photography exhibits. I even got a ribbon for one of my Galápagos images.  The award was a "Staff Award" which means, I think, "We liked it even if the critics did not."


Cooper's Hawk [News]

December 06, 2008 20:38

Sometimes there are no birds at the bird feeder....

Cooper's Hawk

I'm a bit behind, but will catch up today.

Galápagos [News]

October 12, 2008 15:43

This spring we took a trip to the Galápagos islands. This time Susan had a new camera to use, so the photos are a mixture of hers and mine. (They finally made a small lightweight digital SLR that is just right for her.)

The photos of the trip are now up. Click on the image above to go directly to the album.

Welcome to the new website [News]

September 21, 2008 19:28

Hello and welcome. I've hosted my photo albums with Zenphoto for a while now. But now there is a new addition to Zenphoto—a content management system. So I have decided to migrate our whole WEB site to these tools.