Another surgery [News]

August 10, 2016 16:25 | Categories:

Typing is abit tough so this will be short,

Yesterday I had a cyst removed fron my left wrist. It was the result of a fall just after the 4th of July. The cyst was impinging on my ulner nerve and making activities of daily living hard much less playing golf! Things did not get better during the wait and see period so out it came.

I am not sure how long for recovery. Probably 6 weeks. Hopefully much less for going back to 10 finger typing.

This one came just less than a year from the knee surg (...)

Three knees? [News]

September 01, 2015 00:00 | Categories:

I releaize I have been remis at keeping this blog up-to-date. Last August we were going to take cruise in Alaska. Well, that didn't happen. I had been having some issues with my left knee since about April 2015. Nothing in particular showed up at the doctor's office, so I lived with it. He gave me a brace to wear and it made golf possible.

Figured it might limit somewhat limit my activities on the Alaska trip, but at least we were on a cruise.

Well at my follow up appointment at the beginning (...)

Shoulders, who needs shoulders [News]

October 20, 2013 17:52 | Categories:

Don't ever discount the power of jinxes. I had been joking recently that I had gone almost a year without surgery. Bad choice!

October 2 after golf I got sick at my stomach. I could not keep anything down. That continued through the evening, but by morning things were back to normal. Then a week later, also after golf same thing happened. Maybe something I ate at the club both days. (That did not make sense since all I had was iced tea and popcorn.)

The next day things had not improved. Maybe (...)

An update [News]

January 01, 2013 12:21 | Categories:

Well, two things are different since my last posting.

First, seems the shoulder was more severely damaged than the MRI indicated. There was a 65% tear of the Supraspinatus tendon. That meant the surgeon could not repair arthroscopically. So I have a three inch scar as a souvenir. Recovery is coming along. It is amazing how many things take two hands to do!

Second, my father fell just before Christmas and hit his head. Unfortunately that caused a subdural hematoma from which he did not recover. (...)

Ran out of knees [News]

November 26, 2012 16:00 | Categories:

So, I guess I got tired of not being operated on. Both knees have been replaced and are doing quite well. So I started on shoulders.

Just before Thanksgiving I got a ligament fixed in my left shoulder. I had a visit with my father to get past first. He is doing pretty well for his age

The Knees, current status [News]

April 02, 2012 13:27 | Categories:

Just thought I should update everyone on my knees. I am out of therapy and back to a more or less normal life. The left knee is fine (although it bends less than it once-upon-a-time did.)

The right knee started out progressing better than the left, but things are never so easy. It reached plateau, and I went through the straightening splint exercise with it as I did with the right. I spent a bit more time in outpatient therapy than with the left. The knee remains swollen and sore still.

I do r (...)

Fun with the new knee-continued [News]

September 05, 2011 16:35 | Categories:

Surgery went well as has the recovery. There is a lot of swelling, so I am trying to keep the knee elevated as much as possible. That means I did not get around to this update until now.

Next week I should be in outpatient theraphy, so I am a bit ahead of the progress for the left knee.

Fun with a new knee—the sequel [News]

August 15, 2011 14:48 | Categories:

When I had the left knee replaced I was hoping for a year or two before doing the same to the right knee. (Remember, the doctor’s “when” not “if” applied to both knees.) Well that was not to be. I did get back to playing golf again, but not for long. I managed to injure or aggravate the right knee making a shot into the 9th green. (Missed the green as well.) That was in July. The knee did not get better, so I am having it replaced tomorrow.

The left knee did recover well. I did make it to reuni (...)

Fun with a new knee [News]

March 25, 2011 14:34 | Categories:

I had not been playing much golf lately. Too much trouble with my left knee. Flash back eight months. I was having knee trouble then, too. I found I had cartilage tears on both knees. So I had arthroscopic surgeries to repair them. At the time the doctor said that it was a question of “when”, not “if” I would have the knees replaced.

Aside: when I went to my doctor for a pre-surgery checkup I found I had a inguinal hernia to be repaired as well. So I guess I got three surgeries for just one che (...)